Join Arachim for a spectacular relaxing and enriching weekend getaway at the luxurious Crowne Plaza Hotel Stamford, CT.

Get Ready

For An "INCREDIBLE" Shabbos

With The Maggidim

Torah, Stories and Jewish History

An EXPERIENCE you haven't had before!

Join Arachim for a spectacular relaxing and enriching Shabbath Nachamu weekend getaway at the new Luxurious Crowne Plaza Stamford CT From Friday August 19th 2016 thru Sunday Late Afternoon August 21st 2016 Enjoy Scrumptious, Gourmet Meals brought to you by the famous Celebrity Events Caterer where kosher meets elegance.

We looking forward to bestow on you throughout Shabbat.


Rabbi Yosef Wallis


Rabbi Nachman Seltzer


Rabbi Paysach Krohn


Rabbi Yinon Kalazan

Rabbi Kalazan
Mrs Ivy Kalazan

About Arachim

Here is a small part that would give you a little understanding what are Arachim is and what it's stand's for, although its about 1:24:20 video it might be a long movie but its actually the "tip of the ice" of understanding what is Arachim organization. 

The Caterer

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